Monday, November 22, 2010

Rusty Just Arrived!

Our newest llama was born November 18th to the miracle llama, Rainy. While Rainy was lost in the Mount Hood Wilderness this past summer she was carrying little Rusty without our knowing it. In fact, we didn't know she was pregnant until the vet came to do our annual llama herd check a month ago! He felt around her belly and said, "she's dropped and the baby will be born at any time." When he arrived last Thursday we named him Rusty due to the blotchy rust colored patches he has in his wool. Rusty's sire is Apollo and he carries many of the characteristics of his sire, especially his black rusty coat. He also takes after his older brother, Nicky, who was born last October to Rainy. The only difference I see between Nicky and Rusty at birth is that Nicky was pure black when he was born, whereas Rusty is already showing his rust. In the recent picture of Nicky below you can see that he now has a lot of rust tint in his wool. It is our experience that llama wool colors change a little with time; usually lightening. Therefore, I anticipate that Rusty will be a very rusty llama! Also, If he's anything like his brother, he'll also have nice body conformation with a handsome face.

Rusty at one day old

Brother Nicky at One Year Old

Pam with one day old Rusty. Notice the intense look on Pam's face? They're pretty squirmy when they're crias and it's hard to hold on!

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