Sunday, November 28, 2010

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!"

Today was Christmas tree Sunday! For the past several years my family has begun the Christmas season by cutting our Christmas tree at the Lee farm on Thanksgiving weekend. But on this occasion, after five years of doing this, I was filled with such a deep sentiment that I thank God. For the first time we participating in Tina's tree cutting custom, since Matthew is gone this year and could not cut it himself. Each year Tina and her children go out and sift through their 32 acres to find that one special tree for their Christmas adornment. This year was also the first time we cut a tree for my son Joseph and his girl friend, Abby. Joseph was away for the day, but Abby was able to join us. Here are some pics from today's tree cutting venture...

Tina and her children picked out one special tree from the many sections of trees on their 32 acre farm. Here they are ready to have the tree cut.

I cut the tree down fast and the kids cavorted with joy.

This is the tree Pam and I would put in our apartment. Last year, when we were living on the farm we had a very large tree, because the farm house we lived in had 10 foot high ceilings. This year we decided to "down size" for our comparatively small apartment.

We carried our trees out to the truck for transport.

I think the kids enjoyed the participation of carrying out the tree together.

Once the trees were loaded in to the truck we headed across the property to the Lee house to set up the tree in their living room. I know the kids look pensive here, but they were having a great time during the entire process; from cutting, to transporting, to setting up.

The tree was now ready for decorating!

This year size doesn't matter. Pam was pleased to have our little tree for the season. It's a beautifully symetrical Noble Fir and Pam will decorate it with style, as she does every year.

OK, so this is not Abby with her tree! We didn't get a pic of her with her tree, even though we cut her and Joseph a nice bushy 7' fir tree and brought it to her house. I don't know why we didn't get pictures of her tree. However, before we went out to cut the tree she enjoyed getting to know our weanling, Percy. At least we got these pictures! Perhaps we took these pics because it was the happiest time of the day for her. Llamas have a way of bringing joy in to our lives!


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