Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meet Our New Male Cria!

This is our new llama cria that was born a few weeks ago. We just took these pictures today, but you can see birthing pictures in the slide show in the right hand column. Artemis is our first male cria since Columbus, who we lost over a year ago to a tragic accident. We've had several females born since Columbus and we like the females because they become breeders. However, the males are just as important, because they become the gelded packers that we are trying to breed. The strategy is that you keep the ladies bare foot and pregnant and the males on the trail doing all the packing. It turns out that Artemis is the name of a female godess; the daughter of Zeus. Looks like we might have to change his name. Or, perhaps Artie will do? This little guy was actually an unexpected and pleasant surprise. We did not purposely breed his mother, Rainy. And, the very day he was born the vet did a herd check on my llamas and he didn't even notice she was pregnant! Within just a few hours after he left she delivered. It turns out that Pam was heading out to round up some loose llamas when Rainy was lying down giving birth. The little guy didn't want to come out, so Pam gave him a little help by pulling on his legs! (see the pics in the slide show) So far, little Artie is looking like a great prospect for a packer. We won't really know for a year or so, but we like what we see, so far!

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