Monday, May 11, 2009

Jesse Is Going To Norway!

As Jesse completes his first year throwing for Concordia University he will be transitioning to train and compete in Norway for the summer. Jesse's final competition for Concordia will be at the National Championships in St. Louis, May 20-23. On June 1 he will be off to Osolo Norway until he returns the first week of August. Jesse will be staying with his new friend and throwing companion, Magnus Berntsen, who lives in a small town outside of Osolo. Magnus is so tall he had to squat to get down to Jesse's 6'1" level for the picture! They drink a lot of milk over in Norge. He was one of the top junior discus throwers last year in Europe. Magnus stayed with us for a week and went to school at a JC near Concordia so that he could be coached by Mac Wilkins at Concordia. The picture in this post shows Jesse with Magnus at a recent throwers dinner in our barn. This is an opportunity for Jesse to train with some of the best javelin throwers and coaches in the country of Norway, which is a paradise for javelin throwers. Javelin throwing is as popular in Norway as basketball is to Americans! This is a trip of a life time, so we are hoping that Jesse will get all that he can from this experience and at the same time be a blessing to our Norge brothers and sisters.


Anonymous said...

This is so cool, and very exciting. Maybe we'll see him at the Olympics! Hard work, discipline, and the love of parents is being rewarded. Congratulations not just to Jesse, but to you and Pam as well.

Dale and Brenda

Joe Staub said...

Dale and Brenda, Thanks for the encouragement. It's all Jesse's doing and I just get to enjoy it. He's a long way from being an elite thrower, but all things being equal it is possible.