Monday, April 20, 2009

Magnus Berntsen Is Leaving For Norway

This is a Picture of most of the Concordia University Freshman Throwers. What a great team of throwers and a fine group of young men and women! In the back row, from left to right is: Jesse Staub, Matt Oliva, and Bo Johnson. In the center is Kristine Leonard, Magnus Berntsen, and Sharayah Kenady. Kneeling is Matt Webster. Missing are Eric Wahlen and Emily Redmayne. This year's freshmen throwers have been smashing most of the freshmen throwing records. And, the season is only half over! This picture is from last night's impromptu get together at our house following a chuck wagon style steak dinner. "Meat" is always an excuse for throwers to get together! We also were celebrating a "last supper" with Magnus Berntsen before his departure to Norway. Yes, the sad truth is, Magnus is leaving us. Magnus has been a great addition to Concordia's freshman group and we will all miss him! We hope the very best for you, Magnus! Throw Long!

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