Sunday, March 22, 2009

The 50 Milestone

I turned 50 in November, so I wanted to try to achieve a few things during this milestone year. I ran the Shamrock 15K run last week. Pam made a video of the event, which you can see here: My next goal is to hike the John Muir Trail this summer. It's a 220 mile trek through the High Sierras. When I was hiking in the Sierras 10 years ago with Pam, we came across a 50 year old woman who was hiking the John Muir Trail all alone! She said that she was hiking the trail as a 50th birthday present to herself. I admired that and decided right then and there to do the same. A great excuse to do something I always wanted to do anyway. So, I am closing in on that time. I have always wanted others to go with me on these kind of backpacking trips, but it is real hard to get people to join up. Or, if they do they tend to back out at the last minute. I understand. I have a 50 year old friend at work that is planning on going with me this summer and I fully expect him to back out due to some unforseen comittment that will come up. They always do. but if anyone else feels the urge to go, let me know. I figure that if I get four people to agree to come then one will actually follow through. It will take at least two weeks out of your summer. It seems like a big committment in the work-a-holic world we live in. But, if you are game, can see yourself hiking 20 miles a day, eating granola for two weeks, smelling like billy goat, and traversing some of the grandest mountain terrain in the Americas for two inspiring weeks, please contact me. Whether I go solo, or in a group, I am comitted to have the time of my life.


feeno said...

Hello Joe

You sound like a good guy. I've been reading your posts over at Mr. Loftus' atheist site. Keep up the good work.

I can't believe in 5 more years I'll be old like you.

Peace brother, feeno

Joe Staub said...

Hey, thanks Feeno! I'll remember you over at DC. I don't consider myself the sharpest tool in the box, but I can hold my own. I go over to DC because it seems like John get to preach to the choir too much. So, I try to throw the monkey wrench in the engine. But truthfully, I think a lot of exaggeration and straw men argumentation comes out of some of these atheist guys. I watched Religulous, with Bill Maher. He said he whole purpose in making the film was to cast doubt on religion. Well, that is all I try to do at DC, cast doubt on the arguments of the doubters.